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Want to Wear Contact Lenses? These are 4 things to remember

A social media story states that a citizen whose cornea has been injured by wearing contact lenses. The netizen finally no longer uses contact lenses, because the trauma has vision problems.

According to ophthalmologist Dr. Yulia Aziza, SpM, contact lenses are often worn as a substitute for glasses or for accessories because they feel more comfortable. Even so, there are some things that must be considered when using contact lenses.

“Some of my patients have had to have a corneal graft due to the use of the wrong contact lens. For injuries in the cornea of ​​the eye, the danger if it gets in the middle layer. There are five layers of eye cornea, the wound in the middle can heal but leaves a wound that risks disturbing vision , “said Dr. Yulia on detikcom.

With these risks, Dr. Yulia suggests always remembering four things when using contact lenses.

1. Only 8 hours
Contact lenses should only be used no more than 8 hours, do not get too long or carried away to sleep. The longer you use contact lenses, the greater the risk of blisters or infections in the cornea of ​​the eye. The wound may not be immediately known because it is often thought that there is a decrease in vision, for example minus the added eye or other conditions occur.

“These contact lenses are designed for open eyes rather than closed. When closed eye conditions are more moist which facilitates the growth of bacteria and fungi. The risk of infection increases with the duration of contact lenses. Another risk is injury to the cornea when removing contact lenses because they are too dry so it is difficult to remove , “said Dr. Yulia.

2. Worn indoors
According to Dr. Yulia, contact lenses should be worn while inside not outside the room. The use of in door reduces the risk of infection, dust entry, or other things that can interfere with vision because of using contact lenses.

“You should use it indoors, for fear of contamination. Moreover, there is a lot of pollution and dust, which means it is more at risk of vision problems if there is material that enters the contact lens,” said Dr. Yulia.

3. Don’t share
Contact lenses are personal items that cannot be shared or shared. According to Dr. Yulia, sharing is usually done if contact lenses are used for accessory purposes. Sharing each other increases the risk of infection due to contact lenses.

“There are contact lenses that have many colors. This pigment is stuck on the surface of the contact lenses, now there are products that use protection so that the dye does not seep into other parts of the eye but there is not. For those who use color contact lenses without a protective risk of getting more infections great, “said Dr. Yulia.

4. Always keep the humidity
When using contact lenses, especially in air conditioned rooms or with air conditioning, moisture in the eyes must be maintained. For example by using eye drops that are commonly found on the market.

“Can use a multi-purpose eye drops as well as washing contact lenses or just normal. The important thing is that the eyes must always be moist so that the contact lenses are not difficult to remove and reduce the risk of injury to the cornea,” said Dr. Yulia.

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