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Wrong, Vape Is Not a Bridge to Stop Smoking

Vape or electric cigarette has nicotine content. Thus, the consequences can still be similar to smoking, which causes the effects of addiction or addiction.

“It’s wrong if people think vape is a bridge to stop smoking. Nicotine in vape is so addictive that it is hard to stop.”

That was conveyed by representatives of the Department of Internal Medicine in the Division of Respirology Hasan Sadikin Hospital (RSHS) Bandung, Dr. Iceu Dimas Kultsum SpPD.

Iceu said, in a number of studies mentioned, vape contains formaldehyde, benzene, and acrolein.

These chemicals are carcinogenic which can trigger cancer. How it works, the substance will damage the cell nucleus until a structural change occurs.

This change, said Iceu, subsequently became the origin of cancer.

Well, to prevent this, you should not smoke or even use vape. However, stopping using vape is also difficult for addicted people.

“To stop, there must be a strong desire from the patient. How powerful is the information delivered, if the patient does not want to stop, it will be difficult, “he said.

But for patients who want to quit, usually the health team will invite people closest to the patient to provide assistance.

“Assistance is carried out as long as the patient tries to stop smoking conventionally or even vape,” he said.

Iceu said, assistance should be done by those closest to them because they know the patient’s condition and patient’s habits.

For example there are people who use vape or smoke when stressed. But there are also people when there is no work or being stunned.

By knowing these habit patterns, the companion can take precautions.

“Approaching the smoking condition, it is prevented by doing other activities. Looking for another favorite. For example, diverted with something he likes. For example sports or food, “he said.

The doctor will usually check the patient’s progress when he comes in control. In fact, he gave contact numbers to patients to remind patients of their promise not to smoke.

Because in essence, when someone is determined to stop smoking, the people around him must support. “One of them is often reminding patients,” Iceu said.

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