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Pregnant Women Can Be More Relaxed Because of Husband’s Support

Pregnancy is a happy moment for every couple. Various changes experienced by expectant mothers, including unstable moods, require support from the surrounding, especially the husband.

Support from the husband can be started by stating his willingness to accompany until supporting every moment of pregnancy until delivery.

“There needs to be a statemnet from my husband,‘ I want to participate in helping everyone, but I don’t really understand. So because I can’t read minds, please tell me what it looks like, ‘”said psychologist Putu Andani in the Danone Nutrition Talk talk show.

Husbands can also equip themselves by reading books or looking for information on any changes, whether physical or psychological, experienced in pregnancy. For example, there is a phenomenon of food cravings.

Hormonal changes experienced during pregnancy do have a lot of influence on mood. Not a few pregnant women who feel “afraid” to face pregnancy and the new role that will be borne when the baby is born. That is why, open communication can make prospective parents go through pregnancy comfortably and casually.

This step is taken to avoid debate because of miscommunication because the husband does not understand what the wife wants.

Another thing that is recommended to do the husband is to accompany his wife consulting pregnancy every month.

This role, in addition to supporting his wife, can also see the development of the baby later.

When consulting a doctor, according to Dr. Ali Sungkar Sp.OG (K), the role of the husband can be a reminder of things that are forgotten by the wife.

“Make notes to ask what is permissible or not (for pregnant women),” he said.

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