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Not Only Can Damage the Lungs, Vape Can Also Trigger Cancer

The news about the rampant cases of lung damage experienced by hundreds of people in the United States, in a matter of weeks, increasingly triggering polemics about the adverse effects of electric cigarettes.

All this time, including in Indonesia, electric cigarettes, or vape, are predicted to be safe for consumption and do not have health effects such as tobacco cigarettes.

Though the difference in vape with conventional cigarettes is only in the tobacco content. Conventional cigarettes use tobacco, vape does not.

“But vape contains other substances that are just as dangerous as conventional cigarettes.”

So said the Representative of the Department of Internal Medicine in the Division of Respirology Hasan Sadikin Hospital (RSHS) Bandung, Dr. Iceu Dimas Kultsum SpPD, when Friday (09/20/2019).

Iceu said, in a number of studies revealed, vape contains formaldehyde, benzene, and acrolein.

That chemicals is carcinogenic which can trigger cancer.

How it works, the substance will damage the cell nucleus, until a structural change occurs. This change then becomes the origin of the emergence of cancer.

“(In research) there is a link with lung cancer and bladder cancer,” he added.

The research was indeed classified as the initial research results, because vape was still relatively new, compared to conventional cigarettes of course.

“Although the chemicals found are not as complete as conventional cigarettes. But enough to describe vape is not really safe, “added the graduate of Padjadajaran University (Unpad) Bandung.

In addition, the nicotine content in vape makes the user addicted. Therefore, it is wrong if people consider vape to be a bridge to stop smoking.

Not only for vape users, Iceu said, this health threat also applies to passive smokers or people who breathe it. Therefore, the smoke produced from vape contains the same substances.


Iceu revealed, the process of vape users until finally experiencing health problems requires time that depends on the characteristics of the person.

“Some are one year, some are five years. Every person is different depending on the characteristics and condition of that person’s cell, “he said.

For example there are people who have smoked a lifetime, but have not had cancer. That can happen because the body does not have the talent for cancer cells.

“Another, one year of smoking vape appears cancer. One factor a person has with cancer is that he has talented cells to turn into cancer cells, “he said.

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