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Benefits of chocolate for our body

Guys, do you know that chocolate is not only delicious to eat but also has many health benefits for our body? Yup certainly many people who do not know that chocolate is good to eat because it tastes sweet, chocolate is also a type of food that is healthy for our bodies if consumed correctly.

Why can I say that chocolate is good for our bodies? Because the content contained in chocolate is very good for our bodies. The contents of the chocolate contained are, among others:
  • 31% fat
  • 9% protein (consisting of protein, phenylalanine, amino acid tryptophan and tyrosin)
  • 14% carbon dioxide content
  • other substances, such as alkanoids (substances that cause chocolate to taste bitter)

A number of substances in chocolate that are so diverse is what makes chocolate good for consumption and also has a good impact on our health.

Therefore in this article I will discuss what are the benefits that we will get from consuming chocolate regularly? Let’s look at the benefits of consuming chocolate, including:

1. Inhibits aging
Wow, this is the benefit that will be given if we always consume chocolate, maybe many people who do not know that chocolate has benefits such as inhibiting aging in the human body.
Chocolate can inhibit aging because chocolate contains natural antioxidants that are useful for preventing the body’s aging. So for those of you who want to look younger even though you are old, maybe consuming chocolate regularly can be one solution.

2. Eating chocolate can reduce the risk of heart attack
Do you know that chocolate can also maintain our heart health and also reduce the risk of heart attack?
Some research results say that consuming dark chocolate can make someone avoid a heart attack.
In this problem chocolate does contain compounds that can reduce the risk of heart attack by 50%, this can occur because of platelet freezing which slows down when someone suffering from heart disease eats dark chocolate.
This is certainly very important because when platelets become frozen, clots will form in blood vessels that can make a person have a heart attack. Therefore by consuming chocolate regularly can maintain the health of our heart and also avoid platelet clots.

3. Eat Chocolate Can Make You Smart
It’s not a myth that chocolate can make you smarter because chocolate contains a lot of flavanols that are useful to help you get out of stress and can increase your level of intelligence thinking.
This is because the existing content can flow blood smoothly to key parts of the brain for 2 to 3 hours.
So do not be surprised if chocolate can make someone able to think better, have good performance and alertness of the brain to be more focused.

4. Chocolate can Lose Weight
It turns out that chocolate can be useful for your weight loss, maybe many people who think by consuming chocolate regularly can increase weight because chocolate contains a sweet taste that is said to increase weight. But none of that is true.
According to the results of existing studies have proven that dark chocolate can make someone feel fuller like the benefits of guava, apples and others.
Even dark chocolate is better than white chocolate. That is why dark chocolate is perfect for those of you who are on a diet. So for those of you who are dieting and want to eat sweet foods without thinking about the risk of your weight gain, chocolate is the solution.

Well, friends, there are some benefits that are produced by chocolate when we consume it regularly and correctly. You must have the correct calculation when you want to consume chocolate, because chocolate also contains fat which if consumed too much and is not accompanied by the correct organ, then the fat from chocolate will make you gain weight not vice versa.
You can also get negative effects if you consume chocolate in excess, so you need to measure it at the right dose level so that chocolate can have a positive impact.
So from my article about the benefits of chocolate for the health of our bodies, hopefully it can be useful for friends all especially friends who want to always maintain the health of your body. Thank you…

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