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5 Signs of Someone Experiencing Sex Addiction

Addiction in any form, including sex, is not something good. This condition can have a negative effect on a person’s life.

Reported by The Sun, a study revealed, sex addiction is related to oxytocin – a hormone that keeps people bound and stick together, while making sex more useful.

However, Swedish researchers found, the excess hormone oxytocin actually makes people interested in many people and looking for sex as a way out.
So, what are the signs of someone having sex addiction?

1. Repeated and intense sexual fantasies
According to the Mayo Clinic, fantasy, encouragement and repetitive and intense sexual behavior will spend a lot of time for sex addicts.

Those who are addicted will be busy with things that smell of sex, so that it has the potential to interfere with daily life, productivity, work performance and so on.

2. Continual masturbation
Actually, there is no definite limit on how much tolerance for masturbation. However, if these activities interfere with daily life, then that could be a separate alarm that there are signs of sex addiction.

3. Sexual habits that carry potential problems or risks
Another thing that could be a marker of sex addiction is engaging with sexual habits that have the potential to present certain problems or risks.

The situation is like sex outside of marriage without contraception, to spend money to watch porn.

Not only that, there are some sex addicts who might be involved in illegal sexual activities such as exhibitionists to have sex with minors.

4. Relationship problems
Many sex addicts have difficulty establishing or maintaining healthy relationships.

They are close to people who do not have emotional ties, and avoid physical, sexual and emotional intimacy. Even addicts usually have lots of dates, including strangers.

5. Using sex to avoid other problems
Many sex addicts use sex to avoid other problems, such as loneliness, depression, anxiety or stress.

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