Making land planning strategies to build property projects

How do I see a good architect? The trick is to look at his portfolio (project already done).

It is better to spend your costs according to the price of an experienced architect but produce a ‘ sell ‘design rather than hand over the design affair to the architect who installs the cheap tariff, but the quality of the work is less good.
For the first step, some of the project components you should create the design:

Create a Siteplan and its details.
Siteplan is a map of building laying plans/plots with all the elements of its visitors.
For larger land, there is also a master plan that describes the future project development plan in accordance with the location permits obtained.
The important thing to note in making a siteplan is the magnitude of effective land composition allowed.
If the regulation requires the effective land is 60% then in designing the Siteplan should pay attention to this.


You will be asked to revise the Siteplan — when applying for licensing — if its effective land composition does not comply with the regulations.
For example, the effective land allowed in your location is 60%, but once it is calculated the effective soil composition of your design is 64%.

At the planning stage of the project, the Siteplan is very important to make the project cost analysis in detail, because in the Siteplan already known to the magnitude of the project components, such as the broad commercial begin (plots that can be sold), the area of land that Used for roads, channel volume or drainage, area parks or greenery, the volume of perimeter fences, public facilities and social facilities and other project components.
With the volume aware of each component of the project, you can do the project cost calculations very easily.

Create a Unit design and details.
Creating unit design is required for marketing and licensing purposes.
For marketing purposes, it’s important to create a design with an attractive look because it’s your first step to captivate potential customers because the physical product doesn’t exist yet.
As for licensing purposes, the output is a working image as required by local regulations.
For the work image, there should be minimal picture of the floor plan, the image looks at the building, the image of two directions, and the detail image of each part of the building.

In addition, in the design of this unit also lists the specifications of materials used for the implementation guidelines for future development.
Not infrequently, developers enter material specifications used as one of the selling materials or selling points.
Because with the knowledge of material specifications, consumers have got an idea of the quality of the building.

Fasum Fasos Design and details
Designing public facilities and social facilities (Fasum Fasos) is important so that the housing complex becomes attractive to consumers, in addition to meeting local regulations.
Among the construction of Fasos fasum there are mandatory and there are also developers' initiative.
Fasum Fasos are mandatory, among others, the construction of complex roads and facilities and green open space.
The importance of green open space so that the housing complex looks friendly, alive and green.

In addition, the green open space becomes a unique attraction for prospective customers because they already imagine being able to use it to socialize each other, to exercise in the morning and rest in the afternoon. That’s fortunately if housing is a green open space.
Imagine if housing does not provide green open space, housing will impress the barren and perhaps more like a barracks than housing.
While the facilities that are developer Initiative are sports field, worship facility and others.

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