Checking system over the state of cross-section

Ensuring in the possibility of the reuse of the layered workings allows cutting the prime costs of the coal mining. In the conditions of most mines in Ukraine such task requires the difficult approach to the workings protection. Complication of this task decision consists of the necessity of the search in optimum combination of support elements of the layered working. To expose such combination is only possible on the basis in the analysis of the working moving contour, during its exploitation. The basic problem of providing such high-quality analysis is receive of exact measuring information in the chosen points of real working contour. The second most difficult problem is correct determination of the working contour deformation in concerning to its initial state. Both these problems are still unsolved.
In most methods used in natural conditions, the change of the layered working cross-section begins to be fixed from a few centimetres. 

Mainly such measurements are fulfilled in arch and on soil of working, thus technology of measurements implementation is made in concerning to the certain chosen point which is immobile. For Ukrainian mines conditions, to define such point in the real terms of exploitation in the specific working is not a trivial task, and therefore can lead to significant errors in the results.


Modern development of the management facilities production, allows creating the difficult informative systems, providing a high performance and safety of labour on various industrial objects. Application of such informative systems on mines must be accompanied by the development and introduction in their composition, means of controls and analysis of the state of layered workings, since such as mine an effective management operation is impossible without the account of affecting geotechnical factors on technological process.

Based on the above-mentioned description, it is necessary to develop the accessible and simultaneously exact method of determination of the underground workings state, at all times of their exploitation. This method must conform to the requirements of the providing possibility of its integration in modern information systems of a production control. In the same time, the using equipment in this method must not be expensive and must answer requirements on accident prevention for coal mining enterprises.

The developed approach in implementation of measurements must provide the different level of automation, which makes it possible to use it in the wide range of the real conditions. And majority of the applied equipment must be made on an enterprise or re-used many times. Structurally the system consists of two isolated components: set of the measurements stations and programmatic complex of data analysis. Exchange between these components takes place information as photo received by a digital photo camera with high resolution of matrix. Photographing of the measuring station is made from beforehand certain position with the use of the fixed stand, which provides small angular error, within the limits of 0.1o.

Connection of image to specific measuring station is carried out by the fixation of number of the measuring station by the light-reflecting paint on working arch elements. After checking all measuring stations in manual mode or with use of the automated control stations, the information is transmitted as a set of files in the image recognition contour for the receiver of coordinates of measurements points. Based on the mine working photo that has been received for specific measuring station, massifs with coordinates of point scatterers positions installed on the ends of measuring bolts are determined. After it, through the special algorithm the current type of working contour is built, which is saved in the base of these measurements. On the basis of the received information, the system depending on the put task, executes prognostication of working section changes and analysis of using support efficiency.

The location of the measurements stations, number and place of measurements points on each of the stations, is determined on the basis of preliminary analysis of the tensely deformed state of the system “roof supports of working-mining massif” (Bondarenko 2006 & Bondarenko 2010). The basic factors of the determining descriptions of the measurement's stations are the expected sizes and directions deformation of working contour during conducting of preliminary calculations executable on the stage of the working planning. The measuring station composition equipment includes anchor-base which is set in accordance with the chosen assembling scheme. The example of such scheme is resulted on a picture 1. For the working with a circular vault there are 22 possible certain points of anchors setting for reflectors (Bondarenko 2007).

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