Guide To Contract Travel Insurance

If you are one of those who likes to prevent and then not regret, this practical guide to hire your travel insurance is for you.

When you start thinking about vacations, the forecast gene escapes through the window. The simple idea that something can happen to you while you are relaxed taking a daiquiri on the beach gives you chills. Although being realistic, good things and not so good happen continuously.

For those who like to anticipate any situation and also for those who live with no more worries than their present, Davinsurance has prepared a list of steps to determine when it is appropriate to take out travel insurance and how to do it head-first.

What is a travel insurance?

When you decide to take out travel insurance, what you are buying is basically protection.

It is a shelter under which you can protect yourself in case of suitcase theft, accident, illness or cancellation of flight.

In fact, the first travel insurance you can buy is the one that the same airlines offer during the purchase of your flight.

It is, in most cases, insurance that protect you from excessive fees if you are forced to reprogram your flight or cancel it.


In this way and insurance of travel cancellation in hand, companies have to return the money if you are forced to cancel the flight for work or sickness reasons. Of course, you will have to prove your motives by providing evidence and documents.

In any case, be sure to read the fine print first before purchasing travel insurance because they have many clauses by which the company can exempt itself from returning a single euro.

There are also companies that are exclusively dedicated to selling travel insurance.

They usually offer coverage to protect you from trip cancellation, medical emergencies, medical evacuation fees, loss of luggage, stolen property, etc … Many companies even offer insurance against kidnapping.

The options to hire travel insurance are endless and the coverage they offer will vary depending on what you need to insure and the amount you are willing to pay for the insurance in question.

Keep in mind also that if you already have private medical insurance, it is very possible that you cover any medical emergency that you may have abroad as well. So, you will not have the need to hire other travel insurance.

Read the coverage of your health insurance before, just in case.

Is it really necessary to take out travel insurance?

It is not an easy question to answer. Like all insurance plans, you never need one until the moment an emergency arises. So, it will depend on your fears, how foresighted you are and your past experiences. All this will determine at the end whether or not you want to take out travel insurance.

When should I buy travel insurance?

If you want to insure your plane ticket against the risk of cancellation for work reasons or possible illness, you must take out travel insurance at the time of purchase of your flight. If you want travel insurance that includes health coverage, you can do so up to 24 hours before you go on a trip in any insurance company.


Should I consider the idea of taking out travel insurance if I do not leave the country?

It is not necessary. Think that, if you are born in Spain or have a residence card, Social Security will assist you in everything you medically need regardless of where you came from and without paying a euro. Yes, If you really want to take out travel insurance, the insurance agent will greatly appreciate the commission.

I travel in Europe, and I have taken out the European Health Card, do I need to buy international travel insurance?

Yes. The European health insurance card covers the health care that you may require abroad, but in no case pays the expenses of cancellation of the trip, the displacement of a family member, theft and damages in the luggage or repatriation and transport in case of illness or death. This is what a good trip cancellation insurance should cover.

Do I need to take out travel insurance to protect my belongings?

That will depend on the chosen destination, what you take with you and how dangerous the trip is.

If you are on vacation, take an adventure and decide to go on a safari in Zimbabwe and take all your photographic equipment worth thousands of euros, then yes. Talk to your insurance agent and tell him your intentions. He will surely advise you to take out travel insurance that covers the value of your assets in case of loss or theft. If what you fear is that the airline misplaces your suitcase and you do not fly with especially expensive items, think about it before taking out travel insurance. Keep in mind that many airlines include insurance for lost luggage, especially on international flights.
In addition, at the airport, for about 10 euros you can pack your luggage and get insurance for lost or stolen suitcase.
So you’ll have to take account and see if it pays to take out insurance.

What happens if I fall ill or get injured while traveling?

If you become seriously ill or suffer an accident, health insurance can help or mitigate hospital expenses you may need. Keep in mind if you do not decide to buy an international travel insurance that in a place like the United States, a trip to the emergency room for a broken leg can cost you around 3000 euros. Not counting ambulances or hospital stays.

Read the insurance contract well and take good note of the coverage it offers you. Some insurances will only pay for your medications without including health care abroad.

How much does it cost to take out travel insurance?

Good question! The price of travel insurance will depend to a large extent on the type of coverage you hire. That is why it is very important to read the fine print. Think that some insurance only includes the medicines you may need and do not cover health care in case of accident or illness on your trip. Start suspecting if they ask for less than 60 euros for insurance.

It is advisable, before hiring a travel insurance, to take a look first at the coverages included in your private health insurance (if you had one). Many medical insurances have a section in case of travel.

So, what is the verdict?

The decision to hire (or not) travel insurance depends exclusively on you. There are many things that can happen as there are many variables that enter the scene in a trip (destination, quantity and value of your belongings with which you travel or the adventure activities you do). Although thinking about the bad that can happen to you when you travel does not lead anywhere, it is not entirely sensible to fly without thinking about any possible scenario before. The advisable thing will be to reflect on the relation of the cost of the insurance and its coverage, the place of destination, the value of your belongings and the possible risks of the trip. Put all that in a shaker and voila! You will have your verdict.

Have you already decided to take out travel insurance? Tell us in the comments section.

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